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Moussaka likes Mediterranean wines

Article published on 25 September 2014

Moussaka is a very traditional Greek dish that is famous the world over. Moussaka uses lots of the ingredients often found in Mediterranean cuisine, such as thin slices of eggplant and tomato which blanket the lamb or beef meat, all of which comes on top of a bed of potatoes. Onions and Béchamel sauce add to the flavour. Regardless of the recipe which is used, there is always the presence of aromatic herbs such as thyme, bay laurel and oregano. Then, long slow baking in the oven comes in, making moussaka a long-simmered, delicious dish. The texture of moussaka calls for...


Bringing together mackerel and mineral white wines

Article published on 20 May 2014

Mackerel is a popular fish that comes within the category of oily fish such as tuna, sardines and herring. Mackerel, inexpensive and highly appreciated for its good taste and excellent nutritional values, lends itself to many different types of preparations. It is often served as rillettes, marinated in white wine, or grilled over the barbecue fire. Whether marinated or cooked, mackerel retains its strong, characteristic flavour.


Ibérico ham and spicy reds

Article published on 31 March 2014

Gourmets who love celebrated Iberian Pata Negra pork particularly delight in the end loins known as pluma. The pluma cut, a flint-shaped muscle located at the tip of the loin, is marbled with a fine layer of delicious fat. It is a rare cut, for a 160-kg Iberian pig gives only two pluma cuts that weigh approximately 180 g each.


Pineapple and Jurançon wines, the story of a passionate love affair

Article published on 07 February 2014

During winter in France, market stalls welcome the return of pineapples. There are several different varieties of this wonderful tropical fruit. You have the Cayenne, nice and smooth, the most frequently found variety. You have pineapple from Guadeloupe, absolutely delicious when fully ripe, and of course the Victoria pineapple with its delicate, delicious flesh, from Reunion Island or Mauritius… When fully ripe, pineapple gives forth a harmonious balance of flavour that lies between sweetness and acidity. There is a very subtle savour that even excessive sweetness cannot impair. To go with pineapple,


Brocciu: Corsican white wines and brocciu are a marriage made in heaven

Article published on 19 December 2013

Brocciu, the most famous Corsican cheese, is made from whey from ewe’s milk. Brocciu is the only AOC cheese to be made from whey, and earned its AOC standing in 1983. The production of Brocciu takes place during the winter and stops in the spring. It is usually eaten fresh, or after 21 days of ageing. This aged brocciu is referred to as brocciu passu. Different wines are recommended

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"It is therefore extremely important that we have a good understanding of tomorrow’s wines – the trends, the blends, the varietals, the styles, the orientations of the great professionals like Olivier – so that we make the right choices today…" Taransaud


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