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When lobster calls for red wine

Article published on 19 October 2016

Unlike what is commonly believed, pairing red wine with lobster is possible. Such a pairing depends on how the lobster is prepared, on the sauce, and on the side dishes. Red wines that go best with lobster are young reds with primary fruitiness, free of impacts from oak and ageing.


Sémillon: fabulous pairings with an oft-underrated grape

Article published on 23 August 2016
Sémillon, a Bordeaux varietal beloved in Sauternes where it is appreciated for its propensity to develop botrytis (the famous noble rot), can produce outstanding dry white wines. Currently the Sémillon grape is

Morel mushrooms, allies of Pinot Gris d’Alsace

Article published on 09 June 2016

Whether light or dark, morel mushrooms can be found from March to June. There are over 200 varieties of morels, which are members of the Ascomycota phylum. All morels are not edible and morels cannot be eaten raw, for they are toxic when raw due to the hemolysins they contain, which are destroyed by heat.


Pair orange with a mellow wine!

Article published on 08 March 2016

Blood oranges, or orange sanguine, owe their name to their very special red flesh, whose colour is due to the same pigments found in purple grapes, the famous anthocyanins. Anthocyanins also affect taste, and indeed blood oranges taste different from traditional oranges.


With lemon pie, turn to Malvasia or to Japan

Article published on 08 February 2016

This month we focus our attention on a great dessert classic – lemon pie. And the choice of a wine capable of going with the persistency of the taste of lemon, capable of working with lemon’s sourness, is not an obvious decision. The fundamentals in this food and wine pairing rely on two things: the aromas in the wine must express every aspect of lemon, from its lemony freshness to its confit side and it must also have assertive sweetness that isn’t wiped out by the lemon’s sharpness.   This responsibility is well-shouldered by the Japanese lemon liqueur that comes from the little island of Iki in the Genkai Sea between Korea and Kyushu. This distilled liqueur, called shochu is made from wheat macerated in yuzu lemon. It possesses gorgeous complexity with only 7 degrees of alcohol. It can be found at the Workshop Issé in Paris. (www.workshop-isse.fr)


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