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The month of April calls spring lamb to mind

Article published on 28 April 2015

Lamb is considered a very tasty meat, and the intensity of the flavour varies with the cut. Leg of lamb and shoulder of lamb contain more fat than a rack of lamb or filet of lamb. Thus the choice of the wine will also depend on the cut of the meat. And … on the regions where the lamb has been raised for this too makes a difference. In France there are many production areas, which suggests a wide range of wine pairings.


Langoustines claw for the right white wine

Article published on 16 March 2015

March is the month to look for fresh langoustines on the market stalls, newly-fished and inviting. Langoustines are shellfish that are delicate and delicious, and very healthy if one does not indulge in too much salty butter, bread and mayonnaise to go with them. Langoustines are rich in protein and minerals and low in lipids.


Four magical pairings with oysters

Article published on 28 January 2015

Winter time is the perfect season for enjoying oysters that have grown to maturity yet are not milky. Purists like oysters the way they come out of the sea, with no additions such as lemon, vinegar and shallots which are sometimes added and can often be a disaster for the oyster.


Wintry Lentils with salt pork begs for fruity wines

Article published on 21 January 2015

The long cold winter months beckon us to enjoy dishes such as lentils with salt pork. Many bistros and taverns propose this dish on their menus, and it is true that long-simmered lentils in a thick sauce are a classic feature of popular French cuisine.


Beets call for juicy wines

Article published on 26 December 2014

Red beets are truly one of the emblematic vegetables of fall. Sugar beets and fodder beets are used to feed livestock, whereas beetroot, or table beets, add beauty and deliciousness to our meals. Beets are even the darling of many diets. Because they are low in calories, low on lipids and high on fibres, they are a great addition to our winter regimes. Flavors combine sweet and earthy, reminding us that beets are indeed a root vegetable.

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"It is therefore extremely important that we have a good understanding of tomorrow’s wines – the trends, the blends, the varietals, the styles, the orientations of the great professionals like Olivier – so that we make the right choices today…" Taransaud


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